Face lift with threads, steps, advantages, disadvantages, durability and cost
The elevator is placed according to people. Many people like to have a face lift to look younger. Lifting with thread or lifting suture is a useful tool that helps in vertical door lifting.
Thread lifting (thread lifting) has attracted the attention of people. Many people like to have a face lift to look younger. Maybe because of the long recovery time after the lifting surgery, this work is omitted.


Face lift with threads

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What is a thread face lift?

One of the newest methods of facial rejuvenation is face lift with threads. This rejuvenation method is performed with the aim of removing facial skin wrinkles, removing sagging and increasing the thickness of the skin. In the thread face lift method, using absorbable threads and special needles, facial wrinkles are removed and the skin is rejuvenated. This method was originally discovered in South Korea but is still recognized by many people today.
For whom is thread face lift suitable?
Face lift with threads will be suitable for the following people:
• People with skin problems
• People who have many wrinkles
• People with dull skin
• People who have lost the thickness of their skin
• Group with relatively loose skin
• People who noticed the collagen in their skin
• People who are losing the natural elasticity of their skin
Uses and effects of thread lifting and rejuvenation
To learn more about face lift, learn more by using this method:
Lifting and tightening the skin
Among the things mentioned earlier, one of the main uses of this method is lifting and smoothing the skin. In this method, by using absorbable threads, the skin is pulled up, and this makes it clear from what is becoming and facial sagging.
Movement of skin-building collagen
The use of special threads and acupuncture makes the skin move for collagen production. With more collagen production of the skin, the patient’s skin becomes thicker and looks younger.
How is face lift done?
In general, face lift with thread is done in the order of the following steps:
• Local anesthesia at the site of thread implantation
Face lift with threads is one of the procedures performed using local anesthesia. In this, the main place intended for thread implantation is marked and then they are numbed with anesthetic.
• Implantation of thread lift
In the first step, the surgeon must attach a special thread to the needle. After finishing the needle cooking process, the needle is inserted into the skin. The important point is that the thread must have two ends so that after placing it, you can move it from place to place and use it to pull the facial skin upwards.

What threads are used for lifts?

It is used to use functional yarns with different applications, which we will discuss below:
Absorbent threads
Absorbable threads or pdo threads are one of the types of threads for face lift that are absorbed by the body over time. This thread is usually used for face lift, heart surgeries and stitches related to childbirth.
Non-absorbable threads
Absorbable threads are a traditional type of traditional suture threads that are not absorbed by the body over time, but have unacceptable properties with the body.
Mixed yarns
Threads are another type of face lift threads that are composed of very little thickness and absorbable.


Face lift with threads

Necessary considerations before face lifting with thread
To perform LASIK surgery with thread, it is better to do one of the following. It is better to perform the surgery:
• Consultation with a specialist doctor
Always remember that several consultation sessions can be useful for you in performing cosmetic surgeries. In this counseling session, you can ask questions and know better to achieve your surgery.
• Not consuming alcoholic beverages and cigarettes
One of the most important points that you should pay attention to is not to consume alcoholic beverages and cigarettes for 24 hours before the surgery. It is better to take this seriously in order to have a better performance of medicines and to prevent allergic reactions.
• Not using aspirin-based medicine
Aspirin-based medications can interfere with wound healing, so it’s best to avoid these medications.
For which part is thread lift used?
It is very common to use a thread lift in these areas of the face:
• Eyebrows
Many people deal with many wrinkles around the eyebrows either genetically or with the passage of time. Using thread to remove these wrinkles is very effective.
• Jaw and chin
Wrinkles around the jaw and chin have a great impact on your appearance. It is very suitable for removing these folds and wrinkles from the lift with a thread.
• Nose
Maybe it is not possible to use a lift for the nose, but the nose can be lifted by using special threads.
• facial skin
The skin of your face is the first thing that people around you see when they meet you. If you are looking for more beautiful and younger skin, lift is the best choice for you.
• Temple
Many people use a temple lift to pull the temple and change the shape of the eyes. A temple lift with thread can be a suitable option for these people.
• Species
The phenomenon of the cheeks with the passage of time will cause sagging that can increase your age. To eliminate this sagging, using a lift with a thread will be a lot.







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Lift complex with facial thread
Some of the advantages of a facial thread lift are the following:
More safety than other methods
It is better to use the lift without the need for surgery and anesthesia compared to other rejuvenation methods.
Short recovery period
The recovery period in facial thread lift is much shorter than other methods, so that people can start their daily activities after performing this procedure.
Shortness of thread lifting process
The time you go through to perform a face lift with a thread is very little that can be done.
Having natural results
Based on research, the results of face lift with thread are much more natural than the results of lifts with other methods.
Reasonable cost
Face lift with thread has a lower cost compared to other methods, which makes this method economical.
Residual effects of treatment
Scars and scars after a thread lift are very little and even impossible, which can reduce concerns about this procedure.
What are the disadvantages of thread face lifting?
Despite all the possibilities of thread face lifting, this method also has disadvantages, which will be discussed below.
Making fundamental changes
You should know that the defect is very big and wrinkles are irreparable with the use of thread.
Relative success
According to research, the success of face lifting is relative compared to other methods.

The right age to do a face lift with threads
The best age for a thread lift is between thirty and fifty-five years old. Face lift or a combination of surgery and face lift is recommended for older age or skin that becomes severe. All lifts with people are suitable for people who are over fifty-five years old and can perform surgery due to underlying diseases or old age.

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Who are not suitable for thread face lift?
Despite the fact that face lift is not possible, you should consider this method suitable for some people:
• Features that have skin allergies
• People who have acne
• Diseases that are self-immune
• pregnant women
• People with alcohol consumption
• Patients with high blood pressure

The cost of face lift with thread
The costs should be determined with a string to unauthorized factors, which should be determined from factors such as the doctor and the clinic to accurately estimate the costs, the amount of points that need grafting, and such cases should be investigated.
• The level of expertise and skill of the doctor
The expertise and skill of the surgeon can have an effect on the face lift. Your doctor can pay more for an auction if he has expertise.
• The amount of skin sagging
The greater the amount of skin reduction in the examination, the more time and money the doctor has to spend on examining the work, that is why the amount of skin reduction can be done on the lift.
• Type of thread and needles used for lifting
The brand of thread used for the lift has a direct effect on the cost of the lift. You should know that the more reliable the lift brand, the higher the cost of the surgery.
Frequently asked questions
To complete the information related to face lift, pay attention to the questions in this field:
How long is the thread face lift method?
In general, by observing the necessary care after a thread facelift, the results of this operation will last between 1-2 years.
How long does a thread lift take?
Since the level of skin problems of people is different, in answer to this question, there are other factors that I can say that at least 15 minutes and 45 minutes are needed to complete facial rejuvenation with thread.
Does the thread face lift method hurt?
To remove the concern in this field, the pain caused by the face lift due to the use of anesthetic is very low and tolerable.
Are the lift threads absorbed?
The cases mentioned earlier in this method have different types. If you use threads that can be absorbed by the skin, you don’t need to worry about this.
Can I apply makeup after face lifting?
Due to the presence of chemicals in cosmetics, it is better to avoid makeup for 24 hours after the procedure.
What is the best thread brand for face lift?
Undoubtedly, threads that can be absorbed into the skin are the best options for face lifting. Polydioxanone thread is the best option for lifting in the market.